The Daily Scoop Café - where friendly people meet in The Friendly Town - Almonte, Ontario

Breakfast, Lunch, Desserts, Ice Cream and more, plus friendly staff and customers.

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Home of the Big Scoop - Most Flavours and Lowest Prices

  • 32 Flavours hard serve
  • Chocolate and Vanilla soft serve (seasonal)
  • 32 Flavours Milk Shakes
  • Frozen Yogurt (assorted flavours)
  • Fancy Treats - Sundaes, Soda Floats, Banana Splits

Ice Cream Suppliers:

  • Nestle, Reids Dairy & Central Smith Dairy


  • Gluten Free Ice Cream and Cones
  • Lactose Free and No Sugar Added

Ask about our Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Pies - Made to Order (48 hours notice)

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit Cards

500 Ottawa Street, Almonte Ontario
Phone 613-256-9066
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